Restaurant Pizzeria in Colfiorito near Foligno

The Hotel Lieta Sosta in Foligno, in the Province of Perugia, has large in-house restaurant where every day you can dine on homemade typical dishes and try out the best of Umbrian Marchigian traditions. The dishes we offer are all made with fresh and genuine ingredients such as oil, wine, meat, vegetables, spelt, red potatoes and lentils from Colfiorito. The first courses offered by restaurant include rigorously handmade typical pasta amongst which tagliatelle, pappardelle, fettuccine and strangozzi with ingredients such as porcini mushrooms and truffles. Our restaurant also specialises in lamb and mutton based second courses of lamb and for vegetarians prepares dishes with local ingredients such as red potatoes or lentils from Colfiorito. Don’t miss out on trying the spelt soup and porcini mushroom soup. In addition to the hotel restaurant, the Hotel Lieta Sosta also has a pizzeria with a wood fired oven where traditional Neapolitan pizzas which have been left to rise twice are prepared and topped with genuine and typical ingredients. We offer such a wide variety of pizzas that we can satisfy all our guests requests and palates.

Our Dishes

Our dishes are cooked with strictly local ingredients and natural products; cuts of meat are of the best quality and are cooked directly on our indoor fireplace. We use local cheeses and meats production of the farmers in the area. In our menu includes vegetarian dishes made ​​with local vegetables and expertly prepared by our chefs who know how to provide quality in addition to a touch of elegance to any extent. The dough is made by hand every day, and one of our specialties are the sauces with game and truffles from Umbria. In our restaurant you will find a wide selection of the best Umbrian and national wines. And if you’re greedy you can not miss our handmade sweets!


Our Menù

• Bruschette miste
• Antipasto della casa
• Tagliere di salumi e formaggi
• Tagliatelle al ragù
• Tagliatelle al tartufo
• Pappardelle ai funghi porcini
• Pappardelle al cinghiale
• Gnocchi al castrato
• Tortellini alla boscaiola
• Lasagne

• Zuppa di farro e legumi
• Arrosto misto
• Agnello alla brace
• Tagliata al rosmarino
• Tagliata con rucola e aceto balsamico
• Bistecca di vitellone
• Bistecca di maiale
• Salsicce alla brace
• Scaloppa al limone
• Patate al forno

• Patate fritte
• Verdura cotta
• Insalata mista
• Dolci della casa
• Tiramisù della casa



• Lieta Sosta (mozzarella, spinaci*, salsiccia, grana)
• Dante (mozzarella, pomodoro, spinaci*, salame picc. uovo, grana)
• Monte Pennino (mozzarella, gualciale, pecorino, porcini, rucola)
• Monte Trella (mozzarella, pancetta, salsiccia, uovo, grana)
• Mont’Igno (mozzarella, pomodoro, pancetta, cipolla)

• Monte Acuto (mozzarella, radicchio, spek, noci)
• Monte Profoglio (mozzarella, pomodoro, funghi, salsiccia, panna)
• Monte Orve (mozzarella, salame piccante gorgonzola)
• Monte Tolagna (mozzarella, pomodoro, tartufo, funghi)
• Monte Birbo(mozzarella, pomodoro, ovoline di mozzarella)


• Rosmarino (rosmarino)
• Marinara (pomodoro, origano)
• Margherita (pomodoro, mozzarella)
• Napoletana (pomodoro, mozzarella, alici)
• Contadina (mozzarella, prosciutto crudo)
• Diavola (pomodoro, mozzarella, salame piccante)
• Rucola e grana (mozzarella, rucola, grana)
• Mais (mozzarella, mais)
• Romana (pomodoro, mozzarella, alici, capperi, olive verdi)
• Wurstel (pomodoro, mozzarella, wurstel)

• Tonno e cipolla (pomodoro, mozzarella, tonno, cipolla)
• Capricciosa (pomodoro, mozzarella, funghi, carciofini, prosc. cotto,)
• Quattro stagioni (pomodoro, mozzarella, funghi, carciofini, prosc. cotto, olive nere)
• Quattro farmaggi (mozzarella, pecorino, grana, gorgonzola)
• Francescana (pomodoro, mozzarella, funghi, prosciutto crudo)
• Perugina (pomodoro, mozzarella, salsiccia, prosciutto crudo)
• Ortolana (pomodoro, mozzarella, zucchine, melamzane, peperoni)
• Caprese (mozzarella, pomodorini)